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    ZAP Juice


    Zap! Juice are based in Manchester and have been creating some very good e-liquids since 2016. We're really Pleased to have them on board. Here's a quick run down on their ranges of cheap vape liquids:

    Normal Zap! - all of their classic flavours from Cherry Cola to Golden Pomelo!

    Aisu アイス - ice in Japanese, is a japanaese dessert that is just fruit (or other stuff ike Aloe Vera or Cucumber) drizzled into crushed or shaved ice. So, it's an ice/menthol vape that is refreshing and smooth to vape. In a way, it's a posh slushy!

    Z-Fuel - These are very extreme flavours with a load of caffeine added to give you an energy drink type of effect. The flavours are:

    Z Fuel Original - Kinda Red Bull.
    Z Fuel Acai - They are a lot like grapes but are supposedly a super food. Anyway, these taste incredibly fruity. FYI, Açaí (pronounced ah-sigh-EE)
    Z Fuel Citron Freeze - Super citrusy wake up call!
    Z Fuel Pink Punch - again super zingy with Pineapple and Orange mainly.