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    Menthol E Liquid

    Menthol e liquids. There are a lot of them so it's tough to find a new one if you are looking for a change. Firstly, there's pure menthol, menthol with mint and or eucalyptus for those who are after a thoroughly fresh vape. Secondly, there are the juices that use the menthol to alter and freshen up other flavours.

    For unadaulterated menthol then, in our opinion, there is no better choice than Decadent Vapours Menthol. They use 50 w/v menthol crystals, pharmaceutical grade nicotine and pull it all togrether in their ISO14644 Class 7 lab. Enough said.

    That's not say that there are no other great pure menthols.  The Vapourcore range includes Nice Ice which is a more budget e juice but still delivers the purity in the overall taste.

    For Heisenberg fans we also have another cheap e liquid from Diamond Mist; Project X. Don't let the price put you off, it's generally been reviewed as better than the original Heisenberg. They also have Raspberry Menthol in the same vein. V-Frost from Element is a bit of a sweeter take on the theme.

    On the "fruit with added menthol" we go to the other side where the menthol is compliments a mainly fruity juice. The kings of this right now are undoubtedly the Malaysian Fantasi short fill juices. Only up to 3mg (with a nicotine shot) but if you want to mainline fruit with a minty element, try those. Additionally, Horny Flava are horses from a similar stable with menthol also cooling all of their juices. If you aren't keen on 3mg short fills, then Nasty Juice do the same in a 6mg e juice.

    Finally, Dinner Lady are later entrants into the "add a bit of menthol" market with all of their Summer Holidays flavours chilled down with a minty part to the vape. All of those are well worth a go as well!