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    Honey E Liquid

    Honey as a flavour is being used quite a lot more these days as a smoother alternative to to the very sweet sugar that serves as the mainstay in most sweet e juices. If you are looking for a flavour that is "rounded off" by sweetness but doesn't overwhelm then try a vape that adds a bit of honey to the main elements of the taste.

    We looked around and found what we think are the best honey e liquids from some of the top vape brands. It doesn't appear to be massively popular but Baie Crème by Cosmic Fog is real hidden gem. On the other hand, Dinner Lady Sun Tan Mango is hugely popular with a lingering honey flavour counteracting the fruity tang. Finally, in the realm of the sweet tobbaco e liquid, Element Honey Roast Tobacco is hard to beat. It's a rich, almost dessert, after dinner vape.

    Let us know if you've found any really good honey flavours that we've missed.