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    Guilt Free Vaping



    Research suggests that food-flavoured vapes help fight 'guilty pleasure' cravings

    We asked volunteer vapers to test this theory... and if cake-flavoured e-cigarettes can satisfy a sweet tooth, perhaps savoury-flavoured vapes could stop vegetarians and vegans craving meat and cheese?

    See the hilarious results in our video:

     Does quitting smoking make you put on weight?

    Many smokers use weight gain as an excuse not to quit smoking. Studies show that people who stop smoking do tend to put on a little weight and there are several reasons for this:


    Nicotine plays an important role in appetite control as it affects metabolism; the sudden absence of nicotine can slow down your metabolism to the tune of about 250 calories a day. What’s more, nicotine acts as an appetite suppressant, meaning you are hungrier when you cut it out.

    No more skipping meals

    Smokers often substitute meals for a fag – once you stop you may find you don’t skip meals anymore.

    Comfort eating

    Ex-smokers can miss the oral satisfaction of putting a cigarette in their mouths and so often substitute food for cigarettes. The boredom and stress associated with nicotine withdrawals can also be triggers for comfort eating.

    Increased appetite

    Smoking can affect the olfactory function, with smokers having a poorer sense of taste and smell. There is anecdotal evidence showing that when smokers regain their sense of taste and smell, their appetite increases and their calorie consumption goes up.

    Could vaping be the new weapon in the battle of the bulge?

    In October 2016, an article outlining how vaping could help with weight control was published in Nicotine and Tobacco Research. The researchers claimed that food flavourings help to replicate the feeling of eating and prevent cravings.

    VapersWAREHOUSE caught up with co-author Linda Bauld, Deputy Director of the UK Centre for Tobacco and Alcohol Studies, who said: “There are behavioural factors to vaping which prevent people from reaching for food - the hand-to-mouth action of vaping satisfies this habit. Then there are also the sensory aspects; inhaling flavours can be a replacement for eating – breathing in the vapour and holding it in the mouth, experiencing the aroma and mouthfeel, can be a substitute for food.”

    Linda stressed that weight gain prevents some smokers from quitting and so it’s important to explore alternative ways of helping individuals to control this, whilst removing the risks of tobacco use.  She said: “Obesity is a huge problem and is rapidly catching up with smoking as the leading preventable cause of early death, with 50,000 deaths and more cancers being linked to poor diet in the UK every year. If there’s a chance that flavoured vaping could help even a small proportion of people reduce the diabetes, cardiovascular and cancer risks associated with excess weight, the population health gains would be significant.”

    VapersWAREHOUSE OnePoll survey (panel of 800 vapers)

    We wanted to test the theory that vaping flavoured e-cigarettes not only helps to relieve tobacco withdrawals, it also squashes food cravings. So we surveyed a panel of 800 vapers, here are the results:

    Sense of taste improves after quitting smoking

    38% of vapers say their taste has improved since quitting smoking.

    Vaping squashes food cravings

    Over a third of vapers (34.75%) say using e-cigarettes helps to satisfy their craving for food.

    Hand-to-mouth action and food flavours of vaping have more impact on appetite than nicotine

    The majority of these people (52%) said it is the hand-to-mouth action of vaping which distracted them from eating and 30% said the e-liquid flavour helps to replicate the feeling of eating. Surprisingly, only 20% said it is the nicotine in e-liquids that suppresses their appetite.

    Sweet flavoured vapes are most popular but men prefer savoury flavours

    38% of vapers (majority female) said sweet-flavoured vapes were their favourite guilty-pleasure food substitute, with 18% (majority male) plumping for meat-flavoured e-liquids and 8% choosing cheese! Other vapers showed a more niche preference, saying the guilty-pleasure food they’d most like to see as an e-liquid would be fries or curry.

    Vapers recommend e-cigarettes as a diet aid

    45% of vapers said that, based on their own personal experience, they’d recommend vaping as a diet aid to help ex-smokers cut down on snacking and lose weight.

    In conclusion, smokers can’t use weight gain as an excuse not to quit smoking anymore – because vaping can help you cut down on snacking as well as kicking your smoking habit. And if you’ve made changes to your diet for ethical or medical reasons, vaping can help here too. Substitute your guilty pleasure foods with flavoured e-liquids today and say goodbye to those cravings!